Pluma palomino is a small creative design studio

located in southern Maryland.

 specializing in calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor, branding,

 & more.




To create beautifully designed, lettered, & styled  goods. 


A little about me...


I'm Candice Webster, the creater behind Pluma Palomino Calligraphy & Design. Horses have a big part of my life for many years and it just felt natural for me to incorporate their spirit into my brand. I chose the Palomino because of it's lovely golden coat and how that represents my brand. The word "Pluma" means pen in Spanish. 

 I really love the free-spirited nature of horses and that is reflected in my calligraphy and watercolor style. Blending colors for a unique and elegant palette or really pushing the limits of my lettering forms to create a fascinating collection of words is what my art is all about.

Just like all things in life, my style is ever changing, evolving, and growing. I love working with new clients and bringing their ideas to paper and print. Bring your vision to me and we will mingle our minds to create something that is personal, and meaningful, to you.