My favorite Calligraphy & Lettering Tools

For my first blog post ever (giddy excitement over here!) I thought I'd share some of my favorite lettering tools.

So, first things first, lets talk about paper. I've tried several different kinds and found that the Canson XL Marker paper  works best for me. It's semi-transparent so its good for dip pen practice. I usually slide a guideline sheet under the page I'm writing on to keep my letters straight and balanced. Its also great for scanning your calligraphy, it's my go to for the beginning stages of all my digital projects. It can be purchased via Amazon or at your local Michaels craft store. 

Next, lets talk about nibs. I've tried TONS of nibs and my mood really depends on which nib I choose at the time. However, I find myself rotating through the same 3-4 nibs. 

The Hunt 101 is probably my absolute favorite. It's VERY flexible so you need very little pressure for the thick downstrokes. I find that using a thicker ink, like Sumi, is better when using this nib because its little more forgiving when you add more pressure than you should. A thin ink with too much pressure will result in the ink globbing off of the nib and can be most frustrating. Next in line for me is the Tachikawa G Nib it's a stiffer nib but said to be the most flexible in the "g" nib line. I like that it still makes thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. The other two nibs in my toolbox are the Brause EF66 (flexible, but can be a little tempermental) and Zebra G (stiffer than the tachikawa but more flexible than a nikko G). 

Penholders!! When I first started out I tried using a straight holder but once I tried my first oblique that was all she wrote (haha, pun intended).  For fancy and fun I have a few hand made penholders by Ashley Bush. These are the copper leaf carrot and the long copper leaf and natural finished oblique in the photo below. Love, love, LOVE these pen holders! The second one from the left is a Blackwell Pen Holder. This is a unique lil holder because it's sizable to almost any nib. Simply tighten with the teeny tiny screw on the side and voila! It's also super easy to clean. And finally I have a few ornamental wood holders. One sized for small nibs like the Brause Ef66 and the other sized to nibs similar to the Hunt 101. 

invitations suite-2.jpg

Markers, pens & pencils....The micron pen is a great tool for inking a layout. I also use them pretty frequently in my watercolor designs. And I always have a couple in my handbag for a quick sketch on the fly or jotting down a quote I want to letter later on.

Blackwing pencils are my go to for sketching and drafting. They are top of the line and it doesn't hurt that they look pretty too :)

Molotow Markers! These are the absolute best for lettering on unique objects like wood, agate slices, etc. The ink is always a smooth consistency and they are refillable, score!  

This nifty little tool is a small laser level! I use it to keep my words in a straight line when writing on unique things such as wood planks, dark envelopes, etc. And it's super cost effective at around $25. Can't beat that! 

Well I hope you enjoyed today's blog post. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about the items I talked about today and if you have any topics you'd like me to write about in the future. Cheers!


Candice Webster